Who are we ?

Responsible Business

Limo Square is a leading transportation company possessing a national transportation license, allowing us to be in total compliance with French regulations and enables us to operate throughout France and Europe.

Courtesy & Expertise

The team of Limo Square is known for, and build on, his exceptional experience in the hospitality industry.

Our daily challenge is your complete satisfaction through the courtesy and the expertise of our drivers, through the quality and the comfort of our vehiculs and through the punctuality and the rigor of our services, while always giving the highest importance to your safety.

Quality of Service 

Whether you are organizing a business travel, a seminar or a touristic visit the team of Limo Square will facilitate the organization of your transport by offering you an unique and high quality service.

"Target CO2": Limo Square is Committed 

Since august 2009, the entire team of Limo Square is actively engaged in the fight for the planet and its sustainable development. Limo Square is taking the necessary steps in joining the voluntary charter "Target CO2" established by the Department of Environment and ADEME and is aiming at reducing CO2 emissions.

While waiting for the arrival of genuine green vehiculs adapted to our profession, Limo Square has taken the lead in carrying out substantive work in all areas required by the charter "Target CO2": 

  • Training of our teams in efficient "Eco Driving".
  • Mixture of fuel and specific additives reducing the emission of CO2.
  • Technological equipment monitoring the fleet and reducing unnecessary mileage.
  • Electronic components for vehicles reducing fuel consumption.

Limo Square finances at 100% the necessary costs to realize the "Target CO2".