terms of sale


The vehicle and the driver will be provided with the legal and appropriate documents  necessary for the operation of the entire service.

The ordering and passengers are required to comply with legal requirements and customs rules applicable to persons and their luggage in crossed countries.

According to the law in force in all public places, it is forbidden to smoke in our vehicles.

Wearing seat belts is compulsory for all passengers in vehicles with this equipment.



LIMO SQUARE responsibility is limited to the terms of our insurance policy. The prime contractor will be able to subscribe for any additional insurance to be responsible for cancellation fees, or cover transported luggage...Without this list beeing exhaustive.



LIMO SQUARE can in no way be held responsible for delays in transport times due to circumstances beyond its control:

Roadblock, bridge closed to traffic, detour, flooded road, traffic jams, ground police operations, customs or fire, etc. ...... (but not limited).

LIMO SQUARE can in no way be held responsible for delays due to force majeure, strikes, weather conditions, terrorist attacks, riots, etc. .... (but not limited).

If the vehicle is immobilized during the trip due to a mechanical failure, accident or damage (theft, damage), LIMO SQUARE endeavor to ensure the continuity of the transfer by either through its own resources or by outsourcing to another company, and undertakes to inform the contractor.

The responsibility of LIMO SQUARE cover consequential damages that the Client may suffer as a result of such incidents and will be limited to the amount of the fare provided in the contract.

In case of damage to a vehicle due to one or more passengers, the prime contractor will reimburse the costs of rehabilitation and financial losses due to immobilization of the vehicle for the entire duration of repairs.



Limo Square executes only deemed confirmed bookings.

Booking online is deemed confirmed only when all the following conditions are met:

1-booking application duely filled with information related to the contractor and contact information, location, date and time of starting points and arrival, as part of a transfer request, or duration as part of an hourly service request.

2-The acceptance of online payment by the bank of the payer and its confirmation by the secure online payment system of Limo Square.

3-Written confirmation by Limo Square containing all booking details.

IMPORTANT: All customers who have credit card for online payment, are required to present the actual card used for payment. A default, limo Square reserves the right to decline the online payment and require any other means of payment at the service execution.



Cancellation of any reservation made ??online and deemed confirmed, results in the loss of 100% of the booking amount, with the exception of our "Corporate Exclusive" affiliates, refer to the specific related terms and conditions of sale or partnership agreement when it is applicable.



20% penalty of the total booking amount applies to any change or postponement of booking online up to 48 hours before the date of transport subject to acceptance by Limo Square of the new reservation date, except for our "Corporate Exclusive" affiliates refer to the specific related terms and conditions of sale or partnership agreement when it is applicable.

Beyond the 48-hours, postponement or modification of the reservation involves total loss of the amount of the reservation, except for our "Corporate Exclusive" affiliates refer to the specific related terms and conditions of sale or partnership agreement when it is applicable.

LIMO SQUARE can not guarantee a reservation that had been modified within less than 48 hours before its execution.



The client's 'No show' at the place, date and time of appointment beyond 30 minutes waiting at train stations and cities,and one hour waiting at airports will be charged automatically at 100% of the total booking amount plus the waiting time.

All pickups prices at airports and railstations include complimentary 30 minutes waiting, beyond the waiting time will be charged 50 € per hour at the beginning of each initiated hour.



Limo Square ensures the range of the reserved vehicle. In no case the client can challenge the brand, description, or color

of the assigned vehicule from the moment when it is in the reserved range. Limo Square However, for reasons of its own, can assigne a higher-end vehicle to the customer without the possibility of contesting or requesting any compensation.

Furthermore, it is stated in the description of each vehicle the maximum luggage capacity that can be transported. The customer

takes knowledge of it before confirming the booking.Therefor the customer is solely responsible for and agrees to defray any expenses that may occur in case if he presents at the time of the actual transportation with exceedind luggage that may require the intervention of another vehicle.



As part of its sales catalog, and its service "Concierge For You", Limo Square offers all kind of services involving providers or independent institutions such as museums, castles, hotels, restaurants, cabarets ... (but not limited). In no event Limo Square can be held responsible for the quality of services provided or any tariff changes that may occur between the date of booking and the date of  execution of the booked services. Therefore in case of dispute, the customer must apply directly to the provider or the facility to adjust the disagreement.



The on line booking engine allows two diffrent types of reservations:

1-Car Rental with chauffeur: This includes the car and the driver in the selected range, within 30 KMS around the starting point and for a continuous period of time, expressed in indivisible hour, and defined by the reservation. Any required transfer during the rental and causing an overflow of the 30 KMS radius, implies an extra charge of 1,60€ per KM including taxes.

Each car rental includes 25 KMS per rented hour. Any reuired extra KM will be charged 1,60€ including taxes per KM.

2- transfers: The definition of the transfer is that of a journey made from a departure point "A" to an arrival point "B" without interruption or waiting. Any required interruption that causes waiting for the driver, implies an extra charge of 110€ per hour including taxes. The strated hour being fully charged.