Miles Square



Loyalty Program

Terms and Conditions



1. Membership features 

The membership of the loyalty program offered by LIMO SQUARE, aims to benefit the holders of what's described below.

Benefits are strictly reserved for members and are not to be transmitted or transferred to a third person or entity.


Only reservations made by the member qualify for the award of points.

Membership of the program is not free, unless specific action or commercial business operations provided by Limo Square.

The cumulative balance or loyalty points are by no means a form of payment.


Holders agree that the loyalty program can be modified, entirely or partly, at any time.

The general conditions updates will be at the disposal of members upon written request to LIMO SQUARE, 07 Rue de Chantilly, 60270 Gouvieux, France or by email:


2. Conditions of Membership

To access the proposed loyalty programby by LIMO SQUARE , a person must complete the registration form available on 

Membership is confirmed to the applicant within 15 days after receiving the completed application form.

Any change of address, name or any other information that may be required, is to be notified as soon as possible to Customer Service.

The Holder warrants the accuracy of all information provided and shall be solely responsible for any incorrect, incomplete or outdated information.


3. Duration of membership

Membership of the loyalty program has no expiry date.

However, the total absence of reservation for 12 consecutive months will involve not to award points for a year,

the total of earned points and not used previously will be canceled without any compensation may be claimed by the holder whatsoever.


4. Accumulated Points and benefits

4.1 Accumulated Points

At each reservation, the owner is credited with Loyalty Points, at the conditions defined below:

- 1 reward point for five Euros spent on all services offered by LIMO SQUARE-points are added only when reservations are made by the same holder. Two different clients but working on behalf of the same company can not cumulate their points.



By sponsoring an employee of the same company or not, the holder automatically earns 200 miles upon the first booking made by his godson.

Sponsorship should be declared before booking. The godson must be a new client of LIMO SQUARE.


4.2 Starting Date of points counting

Points are cumulative from the date of first booking after accession to the MILES SQUARE program

4.3 Accumulated points through promotions

Additional Points (Bonus Points) may also be granted under specific promotional campaigns: Internet games or other.


5. Benefits and services of the program:

5.1 Promotions

Under the program, punctual promotions may be offered by LIMO SQUARE. The program members will be informed of these promotions by receiving Newsletters. Information on promotions are also available on the website

Membership also allows memebres to access and enjoy our complimentary services "Concierge for you."

5.2 points

Points earned are to be converted into gourmet meals, holidays, wellness cares, or other benefits negotiated by LIMO SQUARE for membres as of press subscriptions, gift boxes etc..

Points are valid for one year from the end of the calendar year in which they were credited.

Points are not assignable or transferable. Points can not be traded in any form whatsoever. The points can be redeemed against a tariff advantage or upgrade on vehicle range, but under no circumstances they can be recoverable. Points can not be transferred to another participant.


5.3 Points Breakdown

Members can have access to their account by phone or by email.

- Mail:

- Phone: +33 (3) 44 69 2000, customer service.


6. Miscellaneous

In application to the Law No. 78.17 of 6 January 1978, related to database information, holders have the right to access information entered in our database, as well as a right of rectification of this information through the Customer Service of LIMO SQUARE.

The member is free to cancel his memebership at any time by notifying in writing the Customer Service of LIMO SQUARE, 07 Rue de Chantilly, 60270 Gouvieux, France. In case of memebership cancellation, the accumulated points will be lost.

Membership implies the unconditional acceptance of current terms by the members.

Current terms and conditions supersede any previous text.

These terms and conditions can be translated into several languages. In case of dispute concerning the interpretation hereof, the French version shall prevail over any translation.


7. Information for Holders

All information and details of the program are available upon written request to the Customer Service, LIMO SQUARE, 07 Rue de Chantilly, 60270 Gouvieux, France or the site