France is a country filled with history, art and glory. Discover with Limo Square the most beautiful secrets the French Land holds. From medieval to modern our team is proud to present you with a dazzling choice of experiences that will be forever engraved in your memory.

The World is Yours

Limo Square takes you on a guided tour along the largest and finest collection of masterpieces of the world, followed by a tour over the most beautiful avenue of the world, taking you to the Seine where you will enjoy a cruising dinner.

A Royal Journey

The Paris region is known for its particular high concentration of castles that is why our team has prepared a Royal journey for you! Limo Square has selected only the best of Royal tables in the Oise and Yvelines before bringing you regally back in time. 

Land & Sea

Discover with Limo Square the Basse-Normandie region where our team offers you a spectacular setting through its iconic town, heading to the coast allowing you to follow in the footsteps of French Allies.

Measurement & Demeasurement

Come and admire, together with Limo Square, a fallen era remarkable for its excesses and realism, as well as its diversity and its vividness.

Artistic Expressionism

Limo Square accompanies you at your discovery of Contemporary Art in Paris, before offering you an ethnic visit, bringing together art from far and wide.


The team of Limo Square proposes you to retrace the footsteps of the greatest Impressionist Artists. Our team allows you to relive the inspiration of the moment through an informative and artistic tour.

A Blossoming Visit

Limo Square takes you to the middle of a capital forest to visit a lovely and charming Abbey. Encircled by its beautiful and price-winning Rose Garden where greatness and history are mixed in harmony.


We inform you that all booking requests concerning "Cultural" can be made only by mail :, at latest 48 hours in advance.
For all demand of StarLimo please contact us one week in advance.