group transportation

Build on our strong experience in events, Limo Square has developed an unique formula facilitating the organization of your event while giving priority to the quality of service and restraints of budget, regardless the size of your group :

  • One Unique Contact, responsible for your event from your quotation request until the departure of your last participant.
  • No Subscription & Management Fees, nor obligation to volume.
  • Managing Arrivals & Departures, including optimization of vehicles by grouping participants and allocation of suitable vehicles (sedans, minivans, minibuses and buses).
  • Hosts & Hostesses, available on demand welcoming your participants in hotels, railway stations and airports. 
  • Guaranteed Flexibility, regarding cancellations, no shows, additional charges and delayed flights or trains.
  • Preset Budget, which cannot vary according to traffic conditions or other inconveniencies.
  • Complimentary Membership "Miles Square ®", our loyalty program allows you to earn points for each and every booking.